ABA sterilization area is the most effective

High-quality products will use vacuum ion plating technology to evenly cover the entire surface of nano silver. The larger the surface area that can be exposed to air, the stronger the sterilization ability.

Vacuum ion plating technology uses high energy to punch out the nano silver under vacuum conditions, and then shallowly spray it on the surface of the object at high speed, which is not easy to fall off, and the product can be reused and has long-term sterilization.


◎ Why does the hand kill the bacteria after touching the coating?

Answer: Silver is a good bactericidal element, and it has been widely used in medicine. The ABA coating contains nano-silver, which produces positive silver ions, which quickly destroys the bacterial cell membrane and causes the bacteria to die quickly.

◎ How long does it take for hands to touch the coating to sterilize?

Answer: Because it is a contact sterilization method, as long as the skin is in contact with the ABA coating, it has a sterilization effect (it is recommended that the hand touch the coating for more than 5 seconds to produce an effective sterilization effect)

◎ How does the coating prevent human-to-human contact germ infection?

Answer: Because the human body needs to receive a certain amount of bacteria to get sick to get sick, the ABA coating effectively reduces the number of bacteria attached to the object and prevents growth, destroying the formation of bacterial biofilm, thereby effectively cutting off the bacteria. Contact-type indirect infection greatly reduces the chance of getting sick. 

◎ Think that putting two grains of silver powder can kill bacteria?

answer:There are products on the market that mix a small amount of silver powder into glue or paint. Only a few silver powder on the entire surface can be sterilized. Basically, only a few points of sterilization are required for the sterilization area.

◎ Physically solidVSChemical liquid

answer:Liquid sterilization products on the market need to be washed with water, and bacteria will be stained again after washing, which is not convenient for working people.

Physical solid-state sterilization is to fix nano silver ions on the surface of the product and sterilize every minute. It can be placed in a drink container to prevent the growth of bacteria in the drink and keep the food fresh.

To fix the nano silver on the object, there must be a carrier, just like using glue to paste gold powder in childhood, glue is the carrier. Of course, food products cannot be made with glue, but natural materials.