Technology Application

ABA coating has obtained SGS certificate, which proves that it can kill viruses and 99.99% bacteria. Applicable to different communities to prevent the spread of bacteria in the community.

Drink water without bacteria

Working people often get sick two days after being sick, and they are sick forever. What is the problem? When you thought it was at work and a colleague infected you, you found that the germ was raised by your own family, and you really cannot accept the truth.

Every day from nine to five, whether you are sick or not, you use the same water cup or glue bottle. After two weeks, you start to smell bad smells. Maybe you will question whether there are no germs if you use detergent?

The most horrible thing about saliva is that the germs in the saliva keep growing when it is stained with a water cup. Because the saliva is wet, this growth rate is beyond imagination. What’s even more outrageous is that germs can be hidden in the plastic and won’t go away unless you buyBBMilk bottles are heated at high temperature after each use, which is the most effective sterilization.

In addition to heating, it is not difficult to solve it. Just add a sterilizing accessory to the drinking port to kill the saliva bacteria and stop the growth of the bacteria.



Nano germicidal cloth and film material

◎ Applies to:PPPUPVC, Fiber cloth, nylon clothFilm roll
◎ Application products include: food packaging, furniture, toys, shoes, decoration materials, medical supplies


Hairy doll just disinfected

◎ BB saliva got on the doll again, it kept growing bacteria, worrying about getting sick
◎ Use ABA cloth to make fur dolls, as long as germs come into contact with dolls, they will be killed immediately
◎ It is sterilized every minute, can be washed repeatedly, does not contain chemicals, and will not be sensitive


Table mat and floor mat

◎ I am afraid of chemical residues after disinfection
◎ Solution: Use ABA mats and mats, which are natural and non-toxic, effectively killing bacteria


Annoying on a business trip

Both airplanes and long-distance buses are equipped with comfortable sofas, but the sofas are difficult to clean, the number of users is large, it smells, and there are many bacteria, which is expected.

In public transportation, cleaners regularly disinfect with disinfectants, but in the next second after disinfection, the hands of passengers bring the germs to the armrests of the car, and Fei Li sprays them on the seats and the walls of the car quickly. Contagion caused by poor deals.

◎ Put the ABA sofa cushion in the headrest and sitting position on the plane, and take it away to the passengers after use, and then use it on the return journey. It is a disposable personal product.


Air Conditioner Bacteria

The office is densely populated. Colleagues sneezed and carried germs into the air-conditioning system. The germs multiplied and spread through the air to infect more passengers.

When the refrigeration part in the air conditioner is turned off, the refrigeration parts will turn from cold to warm, which will produce water droplets, which are prone to mold and bacteria. Air-conditioning system pipes grow rapidly when the weather is humid. Because the pipes are not easy to clean, the air-conditioning system becomes a bacteria-cultivating system. As long as ABA is added to the refrigeration fittings, and the air-conditioning system pipes are added with ABA film, it can achieve long-term sterilization and prevention. Mildew and deodorant, solve the problem thoroughly.




Sweat is indispensable for exercise. Whether it is the position of the handles of tennis rackets and fitness equipment, or yoga mats, the most sweaty smell should be sports shoes and socks. ABA tennis racket stickers and ABA handle stickers, ABA yoga Pads, ABA insoles and socks, can effectively sterilize and deodorize, make you feel relieved to sweat and sweat without fear of embarrassment.


Chef must use the secret of food preservation

The freshness of the ingredients is based on the freshly caught fish, which is delicious without seasoning. The academic theory of preservation is to prevent food from spoiling, and the origin of spoilage is the growth of bacteria on the ingredients. How can we prevent the growth of bacteria?

How strong is the preservation ability, even the naked eye can see it. Generally, when we go to the supermarket to buy pork, the pork will be placed in a box wrapped in plastic wrap. If you see that the color of the cut surface is much lighter, you will know This piece of meat is not fresh. The moisture on the food will promote the growth of bacteria, and the surface or cut surface of the food will also be contaminated by the air. ABA fresh-keeping paper can absorb water and prevent the growth of bacteria. The material is soft and can pack food densely, preventing food corruption and greatly extending the fresh-keeping period.


Serious cross infection in the hospital

The principle of medical masks is to trap bacteria in the middle layer of the mask, and it will become invalid when the card is full. When in use, the moisture produced by breathing promotes the rapid growth of bacteria stuck in the mask, making the mask unbearable.

Medical masks are divided into three layers, the outermost layer is used to block dust and water, and can prevent flying. In the middle is the filter material fiber. Using the principle of static electricity, bacteria are stuck in the middle layer. The bacteria will be blocked in the small pores of the fiber, which will be filled up soon, and the mask will also lose its effectiveness in blocking bacteria. The layer near the nose and mouth is the skin-friendly layer for moisture absorption.

The ABA mask is a hygroscopic layer on the entire surface with a sterilization function. Every nanometer has a sterilization function, and it does not fall off when used, which can prevent the growth of bacteria. It is also better than ordinary antibacterial masks. It has more sterilization function and can kill for a long time. Dead bacteria and 99.99% viruses kill the pathogenic roots in the breath.