Blue sea tactics

Using our new technology to enhance your products in appearance and functional value. The add value provides by ABA Coating will help you become the market leader. Our Technology gets SGS testing reports verification and won the seventh session of the Hongkong science and technology innovation achievement award 2017 "Hongkong Innovation Award" Gold Medal Award “. The Hong Kong Exporters’Association Hong Kong Smart Design Awards “Technology Awards” and Houseware - Corporate Group Bathroom & Personal Care “Bronze Awards”

In February 2018 the economic & business section of Ming Po has a special interview to introduce ABA technology. Besides, by end of February 2018, there was another special interview from HK Commercial Newspaper introduce ABA products and its advantage in economic supplement section. Application products: Plastic or glass products, such as mobile phone cover and screen protector. Watches、jewellery 、Razor or machine tool parts、tableware 、kitchenware、baby toys、drinking bottle、 Coffee machine 、meat winch machine ....etc.

Characteristics of ABA Coating to the product:
1) color: ceramic black with high glossy, because there are silver ions implanted which making the product appearance more attractive
2) hardness: Around 1400hv, not easy to get scratches, and can increase surface hardness for functional parts
3) germicidal: silver ions can kill virus and bacteria. Remove the odor smell from seafood.
4) safety: no alcohol or chemicals, non-toxic which is the new concept of environmental protection.
5) application: it can be coated on metal (coating colour is black), and also plastic or glass (coating is transparent)
6) processing: using PVD vacuum plating technology, coating process is in an vacuum and high temperature chamber.

The nano silver and tungsten carbide are sputtered on the product surface with high energy, which is a high technology process (absolutely not chemical injection or water pollution). If you are interested on the following web pages, feel free to contact us by the following email. Welcome for your enquiries, or come for an interviews with our technician to see the samples.